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Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2007-2014 (W204) with NTG4 radio upgrade


Vehicles: Mercedes Benz

Product type: Car Stereo

Vendor: Radio-Upgrade



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Mercedes-Benz C-Class(W204) radio upgrade system has a 8 inch TFT touchscreen and a control box(mount in the storage box on passenger side), plug and play, no need to cut wires, free gps navigation map preloaded for your country.

Mercedes-Benz C class(W204) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Note above year range is for your reference only. Please send us a photo of the dashboard (radio system) of your vehicle and your complete VIN to if you are not sure about the fit. We will check and recommend a suitable radio.

1. The Mercedes-Benz C class W204 has different audio systems which causes the LVDS port and software to be different. The Audio 20 APS/50 APS/NTG 4 APS have a 10 pin LVDS connection port, but the NTG 4.5 has 4 pin LVDS connection port, in addition the software is totally different. Please choose the correct audio system of your car when you place the order. If you are not sure what audio system it is in your car, then please send the VIN and a photo of radio operation panel to, we will help you to check it.

Mercedes-Benz C class(W204) radio upgrade
2. Please check the media port in glove box on passenger side or arm rest. If your car  is equipped with a 3.5mm AUX IN port, then our product will send audio to the car via AUX port directly. If your car is equipped with the MI(Media Interface) port in the glove box/arm rest, please add AMI-AUX cord.

Mercedes-Benz ami port

3. You can use the original command knob and touchscreen to operate the new system. You can use the original command knob to operate the original Mercedes-Benz NTG system. The touchscreen does NOT operate the original Mercedes-Benz NTG system. Please press “BACK” or "CLR(C)" command button for 3 seconds to switch between original Mercedes-Benz interface and new navigation system.


4. The monitor is fixed, it doesn't flip down.

Installed photo

Mercedes-Benz C class(W204) radio upgrade

Operating system Android
CPU 64-Bit 8-Core Cortex-A53 1.5GHz
Capacity 32GB
Display 8" 1024*600 Capacitive Touch Screen
Network Wi-Fi
SD card One micro sd card slot
USB port Three USB ports
Camera Input One camera input(RCA port)
Microphone  External
GPS receiver  Built-in GPS module and external GPS antenna

s100 navigation function


    * Free maps preload and free updates
    * Stunning 3D visualization
    * Text-to speech direction
    * Support Google, Waze, Sygic etc.

s100 dvd player


    * Remain the factory CD/DVD player

radio with rds


  * Remains original Mercedes-Benz AM/FM/Sirius/XM tuner
  * Support DAB+ radio(tuner is optional)

apple carplay

   Apple CarPlay(optional)

    * Support Apple Carplay with iPhone

bluetooth phone call a2dp


    * Hands free phone call
    * Load phone book from you mobile phone
    * Bluetooth music stream A2DP
    * External Microphone
    * Compatible with iPhone & Android mobile phone
mirror link

   Android Auto(optional)

    * Support Android Auto with Android phone
    * Wired connection, NOT wireless
    * Charge phone while playing
backup camera parking radar

   Backup Camera(camera is optional)

    * Display reverse image automatically
      once put in the reverse
    * Sony CCD camera with night vision
    * Remain the factory backup camera

sd usb music   play


    * SD card/USB music, video, photo and ebook
    * Charge phone via USB port

car digital tv receiver

   TV(TV tuner is optional)

    * Support ATSC
    * Support DVB-T/DVB-T2
    * Support ISDB-T

dvr   for s100 navigation radio

   DVR(camera is optional)

    * support forward video recoder while driving
    * Operate via touchscreen
    * Plug & Play

steering wheel control


    * Remain original steering wheel control

aux port


    * One channel A/V input for external device
 google play

   Google Play

    * Android Market provide numerous apps download,
      such as Skype/MSN/Youtube/Twitter/Facebook
      free download as much as you need
network for s100 navigation radio


    * Wi-Fi

Main Menu

User Manual
Installation guide
Wiring diagram

Is this product plug and play? Do I need to program or code my Mercedes-Benz? Do I need to buy external GPS antenna? Can I still check the original car info as the OEM screen?
Yes, it is plug and play, it has the same plugs and harness as original Mercedes-Benz system, not need to cut wires when install. You do not need to program/code your car when installation. All necessary accessories are included in the package. You do not need to buy anything else to make it work. You can still check the original Mercedes-Benz car info as before.

Can I operate the original Mercedes-Benz interface via touhcscreen?
NO. You can only operate the original Mercedes-Benz interface via the command knob as before.

Can I operate the new navigaiton system interface via command knob?
Yes. You can operate the new navigation system interface via command knob.

How do I switch between the new Navigation system interface and the original Mercedes-Benz interface?
Please press “BACK” or "CLR(C)" command button for 3 seconds to switch between original Mercedes-Benz interface and new navigation system.

Why does it show "No signal" or blank screen when switch to original Mercedes-Benz interface?
Please check the LVDS port. Make sure you connect the LVDS plug (removed from the original Mercedes-Benz screen, not the end from the original head unit) to the "CAR-LVDS" port on the control box.

Mercedes-Benz LVDS

Different audio systems(Audio 20/Audio 50/NTG 4 and NTG 4.5) have different LVDS plugs.

Why there is no audio from new upgrade system? 

1. Please check if there is AUX IN port, AMI port or USB port on your car, usually it is in the center armrest box or glove box on passenger side.

Mercedes-Benz ami port

2. If it is AUX IN port on your car, please activate AUX mode, then switch to the upgrade ystem to get sound.
If it is AMI port on your car, you need to buy our AMI-AUX cord and plug in the AMI port, then you will see the AUX audio option, activate AUX mode, then switch to the upgrade system to get sound.

Why does the Sirius/XM radio, CD, original car computer info and factory camera does not display?
Please check the fiber optics plug, you need to move it from the original connector to new connector we provided.

fiber optics CONNECTOR