Bought my 2008 Avalanche thinking I was going to be able to find a double din stereo without a problem. Unfortunately I had steering wheel controls, on star, and a Bose amplifier stock.. Contacted Chevy and they pretty much said find aftermarket and good luck.. I called local stereo shops and was not sold on the aftermarket cheap looking junk and then then install was expensive. I contacted the guys at radio-upgrade (about 8 times lol) and they were patient and awesome. The stereo was plug and play and works great for 1/4 the price with a factory look. I think factory look is better because thieves may be deterred because of factory lock, and it's not screaming "look at me" ..I still haven't used all the features but i have hooked up an iPod, listened to my iPhone 4s and now the iPhone 6 using Bluetooth, answers flawlessly, used the navigation and was accurate as hell, added back up camera,awesome! lost onstar but really, who cares? Seriously one of best purchases I have ever made. ps, it was to my house in 6 days from ordering. I'm thinking of buying one for my wives Equinox now..a sweet buy! thanks guys !
-Jamie L. 


I bought the same radio from another store from overseas cause they were cheaper and big mistake, the radio was broken upon delivery and their customer service was non existent and I was stuck with a dead radio, I went to Radio Upgrade to buy the radio and am glad to say I am very satisfied, shipping was fast, the radio worked perfectly and install was a breeze and looks like it came from the factory that way, even with a bunch of accessories (back up camera, tv receiver, wifi, ect.) Another huge bonus was it worked with the trucks controls, it boots up with the dodge logo (cause I drive a Ram 2500), when a door opens or closes it shows what door on the display was opened and closed, when I use the heater controls it shows me on the screen what happened with the controls. I had a problem with the software and contacted Radio Upgrade and their reply was fast and the rep was very knowledgeable and resolved my issue immediately, I will defiantly buy another radio and/or accessories from them again and recommend them to all my friends and family.


I like this unit a lot, and I mean a lot. When I first got it, I though I would be disappointed that I was to be installing an aftermarket unit. However this was not the case. I was not settling with this unit. It has all the features that a $1,000 unit would posses at almost half the cost. It retains almost all the factory functions, with the exception of the UConnect. It still keeps the truck looking factory and it works well, very well. I know I%u2019m probably leaving a lot out here, but this radio just has so many great functions that I would have to write a novel to list them all. That being said, it never feels cluttered or confusing.It is always intuitive and a breeze to use. 
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-Keelan Sarnecki


Received my gps radio for my Dodge truck very fast .also was very well packaged .installed myself just by watching there on line video step by step was so easy and fast. I would recommend everyone to deal with them .great prices and great service.
-Richard House 


Purchased a nav/radio for my 2015 Hyundai Elantra. Fit perfect would not know it was aftermarket. Good sound,great nav. Multiple inputs and outputs. Even Rev camera. Would by again.
-Michael Cannon 


I bought an in-dash gps/radio etc. upgrade for my Ford Focus, and gotta say that I was completely floored at the stunning quality of the unit. It looked like it came from the factory, once installed, and it worked flawlessly, including all the bells and whistles it came with. An awesome product! Bravo! 
-Larry G., Minnesota


I have not used the sight or purchased any products from radio-upgrade, but I am very interested in the products that they are providing. It is nice that they offer a radio that will fit right into my truck. When the time comes for me t purchase I will be going to get it from radio-upgrade.
-Tony Brown


I was very impressed with the quick response that I got back from you guys wasn't able to make purchase at that moment but they assured me that when I was ready they would be more than happy to help was very personal made me feel like family thanks will be doing business very soon.
-Terry Benton


Im very pleased with the stereo and the customer service. 
Mine was not in stock so it shipped from China but I still received it in a few days. There is a real person on the phone when you call with no automated system!!!!! That alone makes Radio Upgrade my heroes! The Stereo sounds great I took out the amplifier I had with the previous stereo its not needed unless you want to drive subs. They are quick to respond to Emails The Stereo matched my 2014 Chevy Express Van. Most importantly the unit interrogated with the vans computer and did not cause problems with the parking assist like some of the after market stereos. Its a very cool fun and good sounding radio I would recommend to any one. 


Finally an Android GPS radio for my Ram truck. I have been waiting for this for months!! Greta product and limitless possibilities! And easy to install.


Just installed this unit over the weekend with a backup camera and everything works flawlessly. All the features are awesome and work perfect I really love the option of the backup camera for my F-250 Super Duty, it sure makes backing up to my travel trailer a breeze! To top it off it fits perfectly in the dash, no trim kit. Thank you


I bought the tailgate camera for my 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Express ( I also bought the aftermarket navigation stereo also through radio-upgrade.) The aftermarket tailgate handle works perfect! Automatically turns on when I put it in reverse. The reason I gave it 4 stars 1. The aftermarket handle jiggles a little bit Tailgate works great but the handle moves a little bit I'm OCD so it sorta bothers me a little bit. 2 the backup camera shows the lines for distance when backing up. I was expecting them to turn with the truck like the newer models, so I was bummed about that But that's it! Everything works great, super easy to install. Would recommend any Radio-Upgrade product to any friend or family! 
-Tyler M. 


Just installed this unit over the weekend with a backup camera and everything works flawlessly. All the features are awesome and work perfect I really love the option of the backup camera for my F-250 Super Duty, it sure makes backing up to my travel trailer a breeze! To top it off it fits perfectly in the dash, no trim kit. Thank you


Amazing product! Love it. Got it for my 2012 Dodge Ram 1500. Installation took about 40 minutes. One bolt on the factory deck was stripped. Literally plug and play! Great upgrade, sounds better and looks better. 


I live in Canada and shipping took only 4 days!! Super easy Installation and great product! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a upgrade.


i was skeptical about buying this as there were no reviews but i did and am i happy i did and didn't go with option b of tearing up my dash it works and looks great the techs were very helpful and always answered the phone and the plus is you can add amps and sub to this unit all rca jacks are included and labeled 100% better looking than factory-thanks
-Gene Pepper 


I have to admit I held back getting the unit for my 2012 Ram. I was waiting for a direct fit to come on the market. That was a mistake. Your radio is the best radio/nav unit I could have received. It all but installed itself Thank you I will always come back to you
-Tom Walton 


(2013 Chevy Impala) This is a great radio with a ton of features. If you enjoy the Android operating system you will enjoy this product. I had a few hardware issues with this unit (3g cable didn't work), however the staff at radio-upgrade was quick to react and sent me another cable. Their customer service is excellent and their products are high quality!
-Stephen F. 


This receiver is awesome! 4 day shipping to CA, I couldn't believe the price since this package includes touch buttons to control the AC. No cables to cut or solder, perfect fit. The unit is super fast, I am planning in buying for my other cars. Bluetooth works great, integrates with my vehicle, it even shows a picture of the car with the doors open when you open the doors. Also it comes with a Ford logo, it does not look aftermarket! The technical support is the best, they answer your questions right away. I have installed receivers in the past and this has been the easiest one. Very happy with my purchase. Looking forward to buy more from them. Check my installation videos in youtube, search for "Ford Explorer XLT Aftermarket Navigation", I uploaded 12 videos that show exactly how to replace your stock radio with the amazing aftermarket navigation system. Very happy with my unit!
-Juan Carlos Garcia 


I have aways had aftermarket radios and this is top of the list works perfectly couldnt ask for better. Works great with a sub and easy to hook up to the dual zone for the headrest monitors for the kids. Great overall radio and easy hook up love it!
-Anthony Gros 


Fantastic Radio. It was exactly what i was looking for. Best thing was i saved thousands over what the dealership wanted for their stock unit. This radio has much more than any factory radio can produce. I attached an aftermarket backup camera with ease. Would highly recommend this unit to anyone looking to upgrade their dodge ram!


Purchased this a couple of weeks ago. I liked that they made me take a picture of my existing dash so they were sure to send the right replacement. I was a little worried when I saw that it really didn't come with any installation instructions at all.just a wiring diagram. However, everything was pretty much plug and play. I took some time comparing all the pieces and parts with the wiring diagram and then marking the plugins with where they were supposed to go on the back of the DVD player (where almost everything connects). The plugin block on the back of the DVD player actually has very faint letters marking each of the holes. I recommend that you take a black magic marker and copy the corresponding letter right above the hole and then do the same to the corresponding plugs. That way, when you are trying to put this all together in the cab of your truck (or car) you don't have to fumble around with the wiring diagram. Once installed, everything worked as advertised and we are quite happy with the final product. Great customer service when we called with a question.
-Mary Shawhan 


Fast shipping. For Jeep JK's (2012) you lose your center console USB port, your factory bluetooth mic (for one supplied), the satellite radio (unless you buy a separate connector to go between the old plug and the audio in aux cables. The supplied iPod cable is a 30 pin connector. It takes a couple seconds more than the factory 130 stereo. seems like the touchscreen needs to be mounted higher than the original radio to touch the screen at the right angle. But that last part is just my opinion. 


This radio is awesome! It works just like my Samsung Galaxy phone, and the interface is nice. I Bought the network adapter, and I love being online in the truck! Thanks for the great service and fast delivery!
-Smitty Franks 


It went so easy! and They have emailed me back so quickly on any question I have had. Get it from these guys!
-Todd Carroll 


System works very Well, Interface between Ford Canbus and System is much better than I expected. Overall, I am Impressed and thank You for Your Promptness. I would recomend Upgrade Radio to others.
-Russ Smith 


Awesome unit. It has everything you need plus some. I looked at tons of car audio stores and found nothing even comparable to this without spending well over 1000 dollars. I am electronically challenged and was able to install it in 15 minutes. Customer service is outstanding as well!
-David Jay 


Radio fit perfect. Awesome radio and nav system. Easy install.
-Shawn Rickson


I love this radio! The stock radio gave me zero features. This radio has much better sound, and it makes the dash in my Challenger look as good as the outside of the car.

Took 20 minutes to install!
-Doug Franklin


Let me begin with saying I am a Canadian Resident and this Nav Radio is awesome there is nothing available in Canada like this for the price. The staff at radio-upgrade have been super helpful and I will not hesitate to deal with them again in fact I have two friends ready to place orders very soon. A special Thank you to Andrew
-Darcy Haase


I love this radio! It even shows on the display when the door is open or when the AC is adjusted. And the sound os WAY BETTER than the factory radio. And the best thing is that I did not have to hack away at my dash to get it to fit!


Everyone told me that there was not a aftermarket radio that would fit in my truck. Thanks for proving them wrong! What a snap to install. never had to cut a wire!


I love the Android radio. It is cool that I can download apps to the radio, and I really like how customizable it is. And the GPS works great!



All the places I took my car to said that there was no way to get an aftermarket radio in my car because the factory radio had such a strange shape. Not only did I prove them wrong, but I installed it myself! I love how I can customize the Android radio!


I just got my GPS for my 2013 Ford f150 and put it in it was not hard to install. I love the screen and everything works as advertised. Its so much better than the GPS radio that was in it... well worth the money!


This radio looks totally factory. My friends cannot tell that is did not come with the car. And I had BestBuy install it for $59! So much better than the $2500 that the Toyota dealer quoted me to add the factory navigation. -Susan


Fast shipping and the stereo does what they said and more, all wheel control works perfect and the sound is better than expected. I'm really please with this stereo.
The GPS works any where and easy to use.


The unit fits great, and only took a few minutes to install. My factory speakers sound so much better!


I purchased the smart S100 series radio and it is amazing! It has all the functions you could want, the customer service is great, the people are friendly and very helpful I would recommend this stereo to anyone who is looking for a good quality stereo that has all the functions you could want Thank you Andrew for all your help!


Great product at an amazing price!