HD 1920P Mini in Car Dash Camera DVR Video Recoder
HD 1920P Mini in Car Dash Camera DVR Video Recoder


HD 1920P Mini in Car Dash Camera DVR Video Recoder

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Our smallest car DVR with HD 1920P resolution can clearly record your journey, with the handy bracket you can easily mount the camera on the front windscreen of your car. It's small size helps make it discreet and portable. The Camera can automatically detect when the vehicle starts enabling it to charge while recording (under correct connection). Video output to the DVD Player is supported to allow viewing at the same time as recording. This DVR can be connected to your DVD Player, Home PC, Smart Phone, or monitor and directly to display the video!


Fitness: This DVR only works with In-Dash/On-dash screen from our company with USB port. It may not work with other brand car in dash screen, please contact us before place the order.

      Have you ever been accused of a traffic violation that you did not commit?
      Have you ever been involved in an accident, knew the other person had made the mistake not you, and wished that you had the evidence to back up your claims and avoid all those insurance bills?
      Can you sure that nothing would happen during your whole life of driving when there are many carless drivers and street killers on the street?

How can car DVR help me?
The car DVR is integral device for vehicles running on the road. If you have ever been accused of a traffic violation you did not commit, then you may need a Driving Recorder to show the truth as an evidence. A great thing is that this DVR is providing a high quality and affordable price for your choose.

Installation Effect

digital video recoder installation


Compact and practical, No Screen
Smallest size car DVR
HD 1920P resolution
120 Degree Wide Angle
Replay Function
Connect to car screen via USB port
Real time date and time display on video
Fully automatic intelligent cycle recording
Micro SD card can be external (Up to 32GB, card Not included)
High speed and rapid, sensitive
Supports NTSC and PAL video system
Supports Manual ON/OFF
Supports G-Sensor function
Motion Detection
Record everything front of your Car          
Protect you from dangerous



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