BMW 3(E90)/5(E60)/6(E63) 2003-2010 CCC AUX Activator
BMW 3(E90)/5(E60)/6(E63) 2003-2010 CCC AUX Activator
BMW 3(E90)/5(E60)/6(E63) 2003-2010 CCC AUX Activator
BMW 3(E90)/5(E60)/6(E63) 2003-2010 CCC AUX Activator


BMW 3(E90)/5(E60)/6(E63) 2003-2010 CCC AUX Activator

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This is an aftermarket AUX activator that can active the BMW 3(E90)/5(E60)/6(E63) 2003-2010 CCC with AUX IN function, if your original car does not have factory AUX IN audio port, this kit will help you to code the car and add the AUX IN feature, after that, you will be ok to install the android screen to the car, the sound of android screen will go through the AUX IN and with sound in speakers.

Why develop this kit?
Before this kit was coming out, if your car is BMW 3(E90)/5(E60)/6(E63) (original BMW CCC iDrive system) without factory AUX-IN port (in the front of rear seats and between the front seats), then usually there are two ways to handle it :
1. Active the original AUX IN feature. You can take the car to your local car audio shop or BMW dealer and ask them to code the car and add an AUX port for you, after add the AUX, then it is ok to install the android screen. But some customers claim that it is hard to find a car audio shop to do this and most of them do not know how to code the car, the installation fees is very expensive.
2. Using an FM transmitter to transfer the sound from android screen.  But the FM transmitter sound quality is not so good, since it transfer the audio through FM Channel, sometimes the sound is interfered.

With this activator, you can add the AUX cord by yourself, it does not need to code the car, no programing, even without the coding knowledge, that is also ok to add the AUX cord by yourself.

Notice : One activator just can activate one car only, after it activated to the car, this kit (the activator box) will become useless, thus, we not accept the return after you received the order.

Step 1: Remove the original car's display screen, and connect the wires as shown in the figure.
Step 2: Start the car and place the original car display on the Entertainment interface.
Step 3: Press and hold the button for more than three seconds until the indicator light turns on; release the button to start activation.
Step 4: Activation is successful, check the original car entertainment interface, AUX Audio shows that it has been activated;
Step5(important ): after activation, wait for 5 seconds, keep the connection, then turn off and lock the car, and let sleep for 10 minutes. Then get on the car to install other steps!

Operation video 1:

Operation video 2:

Installation guide:

Note: If you purchased CarNaviPlayer android screen for bmw CCC, after activating AUX, you don't need to install cables. Because the audio cable has been transferred on the Android harness.
If you only want to add AUX wires to the original BMW radio system, please check this video how to connect the red, white and black terminals of the E60 activator: