Rearview Mirror with GPS Navigation, Bluetooth and Radar Detector


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Product type: Back-Up Cameras

Vendor: App-Tronics



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The new SmartNav 5r is the first updatable rear view mirror, with integrated radar detector X, K, KU, KA bands, and laser detection capabilities with audible and visual warnings. SmartNav 5r includes the featured iGO Primo® Navigation with turn by turn directions, 11 million POIs (Points Of Interest) and countless other navigational features.

SmartNav 5r also has front viewing DVR HD recording, Bluetooth™, FM transmitter and a host of media players. An optional 5 inch viewing HD reversing camera can be purchased with multiple configurations to fit the consumer needs.

SmartNav and Stealth Interceptor are the easiest systems to install. Read More.

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Detailed Specifications and Features

  • SmartNav5r starts in seconds for immediate use, the 5” screen allows for easy use of the GPS Navigation with turn by turn voice guided directions provided by iGO Primo fully featured with 3D mapping and millions of poi’s standard with every purchased SmartNav 5.
  • Connecting automatically with Bluetooth 4.0 to your smartphone or standard cell phone. Instantly downloading your phonebook.
  • Optional Automatic Reversing HD color rear camera is available for immediate use by driver when car is put into reverse. As an option, camera can be placed in 2nd or 3rd row for a child safety camera.
  • Delayed dimming of touch screen, set for timed delay from seconds to minutes or keep full brightness at all times. Simply tap screen to reengage screen.
  • Two separate Navigations paths, so driver has two choices for alternate driver preferences, or coverage area.
  • New updated touchscreen reacts with one touch, opening application with unbelievable speed.
  • Front view digital recorder with its own separate Micro SD card (only one 8GB card provided) makes for a fun way to drive, while recorder interior sound. Can be used at security camera to record while away from your car. Access your videos by removing the SD card and inserting into your home computer. ADR player automatically uploads to view and share your videos.
  • Bluetooth has A2DP firmware, allowing you to streamline your smartphones music library right to your car speakers.
  • Separate music and movie player applications that plays from uploaded files from the secondary Micro SD card slot. Can take up to 32 GB. For high definition movie and videos a HC micro SD card should be used.
  • TTS text to speech allowing driver to listen to their uploaded EBooks.
  • Highest quality FM transmitter and auxiliary port access to tie directly into your vehicles audio system.


iGO Primo Navigation Main Features

- Intelligent navigation features
- Unparalleled, true 3D map visualization
- Sophisticated route calculation, precise guidance
- Voice guidance with turn by turn directions
- Connected services supported by Naviextras
- TTS on the next level: TTS Pro
- Truck routing and fleet ready navigation
- Simple to use, clean and appealing user interface
- Real-time route alternatives
- Parking around destination
- 3D landmarks, buildings, cities and junctions
- Satellite imagery
- Highway, toll roads, unpaved roads, ferries
- Automatic recalculation when leaving route
- Lane guidance and real sign posts
- Driver alert and picture navigation
- Breadcrumb Trail
- Access to main features of SmartNav 5
- Bluetooth 4.0 smart-phone music access
- Brightness delay and master volume
- Visual and audible alerts from Radar/Laser
- Fully updatable with Naviextras
- Red Light Camera and Speed Trap alerts
- Automatic day and night view