Hyundai Santa Fe/ix45 2013-2018 Aftermarket Rearview Camera


Vehicles: Hyundai

Product type: Back-Up Cameras

Vendor: Radio-Upgrade



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Aftermarket Rearview Camera for Hyundai Santa Fe/ix45 2013-2018

A Rearview camera is one of the best parking assistance devices providing you wide field of view and colorful images.

  Display Guard Line on the reverse image

  Automatically display reverse image when you put the gear in the reverse

  Replace one of the original license plate lampshades. No need to drill a hole

  Designed in the original car style, the installation is simple and beautiful

  The original Sony CCD chip has a clear and stable image

  With a wide-angle glasses lens, a wide viewing angle without a dead corner

  Using a unique production process, tight waterproof durability

  Multiple circuit protection design, stable and reliable quality

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