Backup Camera for Hyundai Elantra 2012


Vehicles: Hyundai

Product type: Back-Up Cameras

Vendor: Radio-Upgrade



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Reverse Camera for Hyundai Elantra 2012

Rear view camera is one of the best parking assistance devices providing you wide field of view and colourful image.

Highly recommend you buy the Wireless Device For Backup Camera together with this camera, it will make you install the camera easily, no need to put an 5 meters video cable through your vehicle.


Display Guard Line on the reverse image

Automatically display reverse image when you put the gear in the reverse

Replace one of the original license plate lampshade, no need to drill hole

Designed is reference to the original car style, installation is simple and beautiful, totally plug and play

The original Sony CCD chip, clear and stable image

With wide-angle glasses lens, wide viewing angle without dead corner

Using a unique production process, waterproof tight durability

Multiple circuit protection design, stable and reliable quality


Note: the camera you received may not look exactly the same as picture because molding keep on updating, but they are guaranteed to fit to your car. The design trends is to utilize original bulbs instead of the built-in LED lights, this is a good solution to keep the license plate light consistent.
More information: most of cars came with two bulbs above the license plate, usually they are in warm color, while built-in LED are in cool color, this caused color inconsistent if you installed a camera with built-in LEDs.