How to Update S100 Firmware Software

Upgrade the firmware at your own risk!!!

A. What you need:
A-1. a blank SD/Mini SD card, format: FAT32
A-2. a S100 firmware for your head unit, you can get the firmware from the product page of your head unit.

B. Patch Update :
 B-1. Download the firmware from the product page or send an email to to get the firmware files.
B-2. Unzip the file you got.
B-3. Copy the files into the root directory of the SD card. winca s100 files
B-4. Insert the SD card into GPS card slot (NOT SD DVD SLOT).

C. Firmware Update:
C-1. Reboot the head unit. It will upgrade automatically.
C-2. Upgrade Eboot and NK, the screen will be red:
s100 navigation software update
C-3. Adjust the screen:
s100 navigation software upgrade

C-4. Copy the apps:
s100 gps navigation upgrade
C-5. Upgrade flash. The buzzer will ring all the time. The screen will be black or blink.
s100 wince system upgrade
C-6. It will display “Complete 100%” and “**Mission Accomplished! Please pull out of the card!”. Remove the SD card, the unit will restart automatically.
s100 upgrade

PS: If you find something not working right, like steering wheel controls or canbus, try first pushing the reset button and reconfigure them.

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